Live Long and Wealthy

Are you a Mom who wants to make a change in your life?

Would you love to work from home and have the opportunity to make more money along with that added special time with your children?

You can be a mom working from home creating your own business by joining a network marketing company.

Does this sounds scary to you?  After all, you would be leaving your full-time job. If so, then start your home business part time and keep your regular job for the time being. Ask you husband and/or family to help you get your network marketing business started. There are many wife and husband teams in this type business.

Enter Maria Martinez and Stella Kalfas…We will be your sponsors, help you to get started and support you so you may have what you need to succeed. For more about us Click Here !

 If you knew what your life could be if you just had a few more choices, you wouldn’t put this off another day.

Then, at some point when the money is right you can make the decision to leave your full-time position, if you choose.

The Product:

Imagine a product with the potential to change the world stuck on a retail shelf with its story untold. This was this product’s beginning, but not its end. While it sat mixed with trendy vitamins and other nutritional supplements in the retail world, a group of visionary individuals were preparing the way for its story to reach thousands of people.

Thanks to innovative and breakthrough research of the scientist behind this product, it had its moment of fame when it appeared on ABC “Primetime” in 2005, propelling the product and the company into the national spotlight. U.S. retail sales boomed momentarily, but the product was quickly lost again in the glut of nutraceutical products on the shelf. Although familiar with the product, retail store clerks didn’t have the proper motivation or knowledge to share the full story.

In a bold and daring move, the company removed  it from retail shelves and in 2009 implemented a network marketing business method better suited to distribute and share its story. It was a new beginning!

Today, the company is a burgeoning science-based nutraceutical company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy living through a combination of scientifically validated products and an attractive business opportunity. We help people become better, creating and living a legacy, and living a life of purpose by helping others improve their physical and financial health.

The health products work to help your body do what it is already programmed to do. And, we’re working to help you become better, to maximize your potential using the traits, talents and unique genetic characteristics that make you the person you are deep inside.

Maria and I are ready to help you change your life. We’re with you every step of the way, supporting you as you share the products and the business opportunity. We are here to help you build your team and make yourself, your life and the world better.

Next Steps:
1.   Schedule a call with us and we can set a time to talk and answer all your questions
2.  Attend an online free webinar that provides information about the company and the products
3.  If you feel this is for you, then you can begin to be one of the many moms working from home!  Join a six year old publicly traded company that is in the nutrigenomics billion dollar industry and is at a level that is not saturated – thus, you have a lot of room to grow your business.

Some of the Best Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business with us:

      1. We provide you with the tools you need to get started right away.
      2. We offer a blueprint that works and you can take action knowing               you are doing this right.
      3. We will provide expert presenters for your presentations to groups             you get together. All you will have to do is get people together!
      4. We will help you to prepare emails and other communications for               the best results.
      5. We will have your back.  You will grow your business having                          confidence that you are not doing this alone!

We're a community of life-minded people focused on just one thing: making your life better today. Curiosity has our attention, science has our back and we recognize–and firmly believe–that your growth is the way of our future. Find your higher calling.   

The company:

  • ·       Over 5 years old with a steady growth trend.
  • ·       The management team consists of 12 highly qualified individuals in their respective areas of expertise.
  • ·       Excellent pay plan with regular commission distributions and many bonuses                                                                                             
  •         In a short time frame they have recruited over 80,000 distributors internationally, but compared to other saturated companies, there is plenty of room for growth.
  • ·       Integrity is job 1.
  • ·       They consistently give back to the community.

What Will You Be Selling?

The next step is to look into the type of products that this business opportunity is all about.  After all, you want to enjoy what you are doing. We want you to believe in it and see the value of your service in order to portray that value to your customers. The products are science backed, in the health and in nutrigenomics industry and with a focus on helping the body in the prevention of chronic illnesses!

Training/Educational Programs:

Your race, gender, age or experience is not an issue when beginning a home-based business. We offer and have many leaders that offer training. This is an important factor in building a solid business. Some of the important business subjects: leadership skills, attitude for success, communication and people skills; overcoming fears & lack of confidence, overcoming your fear of rejection, accountability and time management skills. Many areas of your life will benefit from these training programs.

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed?

If you believe this is your MUST, as we did, you have a great potential to be successful. Do you have the determination, persistence and self-motivation that may be required of you to succeed? Are you confident of your decision to build a home business?  Do you have the resolve to stick with it, get through the first few hurdles and move in a positive direction?  Are you willing to pick up a blueprint that has worked and repeat it?  Are you open to be trained and supported?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then it will be well worth the effort!

It may take you 6-18 months or it may take 3-5 years; there are no guarantees. Discipline is the bridge between where you are and your goals and accomplishments.

You have already made a giant step forward by getting to this point in the discussion.  Let’s get started with the next step. Fill out the form and we will contact you to set up a time to discuss this fabulous opportunity further. 

About Live Long and Wealthy

Maria Martinez and Stella Kalfas have been friends over 10 years. We have had so much in common although we come from different cultures and backgrounds.  Maria's family immigrated from Puerto Rico and mine from Greece.  Maybe we chose or maybe it just was, but, we realized we have so much in common. We have agreed that we make the life we want and we want to live for a long, long, long time.  Our families, our children and our grandchildren have given us so much joy (well, most of the time- we all have different personalities-right?), we want to be around for the long haul and be a part of their lives as we watch them grow and prosper.

Our challenge has been that we have had family members who have aged and have many health problems that has made life unenjoyable and with a lot of suffering.  One day, Maria and I looked at each other and asked, "Does it really have to be this way? Can't we just live well and one day just pass away quietly (now quiet is relative - we are not quiet about anything) when it’s our natural time?"  So we decided that this would be our mission in life and it would be our mission to share what we learn as we go along.  Finding a way to live long and healthy and when we do, we will share this with every person we meet, so we make sure that everyone has the same opportunity to live long and very healthy!  This took us down many roads and many ideas arose due to the search for the answers.  
In our quest for a healthier and longer life, we came across many health professionals who seemed to have the same idea. We learned so much about eating healthy and the free radicals that hurt us and so much more. And, we do share that information.  We know that there is hope.
As we continued our quest we did sign up for information from many organizations that seemed to be searching for the same answers.  And, one day, we received an invitation to the 1st RAAD festival in San Diego - which we decided (of course!) that we would attend. 

And, that is where we learned that if we can stay healthy- they expected to have positive results in research to stop the aging process by 2029. And, where we would be by then, health wise, is where our aging would stop. Thus, staying healthy is of the utmost importance.  

We also learned that the basis for health is our cellular health.  Oxidative stress on our cells is the precursor to many diseases as well as the main cause of aging.  As we looked at the products presented during the RAAD fest, we came across a company that focused on nutrigenomics.  

And as they say, the rest is history!!!   

Our focus in my work for the last decade has been about mental wellbeing. We have worked with the Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago toward ending teen suicides and teaching our youth, their families and their educators about mental health, what it means and how to prevent mental illness when possible. We provide sessions on keeping the brain healthy through nutrition, exercises and healthy life choices. Maria has been part of that personal mission with Stella. She helped to translate sessions and documents into Spanish to ensure our message reaches as many of our teens and their families as possible.
Our main mission, above living long and wealthy is to eradicate teen suicides.  When are in a classroom and a student opens up, wefeel we have an opportunity to show them that life is worth living and we can educate them about taking care of their mental wellbeing so  they can all survive and thrive.  Saving lives is the ultimate mission of our quest.

If you knew what your life could be, if you just had a few more choices, you wouldn’t put this off another day. When everyone leaves the house, my husband and I don’t have to run off to a job, and we can just spend time together. You can’t buy that freedom. That’s the freedom of joining us in this network marketing opportunity.                            Lisa N.

 This specific nutrigenomics publicly traded company’s compensation plan is designed to help you start your business, get a quick return on your investment and earn a long term residual income!